Washington, DC – Regional tax administration officials, business leaders and tax experts convened this week in Ankara, Turkey, for the seventh annual Middle East/North Africa Tax Forum hosted by the International Tax and Investment Center, in cooperation with the Revenue Administration of the Turkish Ministry of Finance.

The meeting focused on regional tax policy challenges; global tax policy initiatives and practical responses from the MENA region; tax administration automation, innovation and performance improvement; and the application and enforcement of regional indirect and direct taxation policy.

During his opening remarks, Adnan ERTÜRK, Commissioner of the Turkish Revenue Administration, discussed the increasing importance of direct and indirect taxation for fiscal systems in the MENA region, the role of multinational corporations in fostering regional economic growth, and the importance of strong cooperation between tax authorities.

The Middle East/North Africa Tax Forum is an annual conference organized by ITIC to bring together regional government officials, academic experts and investors to discuss solutions to common challenges and share best practices in taxation.

Diana McKelvey (Communications Manager, ITIC)

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