Reforming the Tax System in Ukraine

On 9 March, ITIC President Daniel Witt and Senior Advisor Douglas Townsend attended a roundtable discussion in London on Reforming the tax system in Ukraine: Defining a roadmap to improve the business climate, sponsored by EY, Adam Smith Conferences, and the UK TaxPayers’ Alliance.

The roundtable, chaired by ITIC Board member Chris Sanger (Global Head of Tax Policy, EY) featured keynote presentations by the renowned economist Arthur Laffer and Ms. Nina Iuzhanina, who chairs the Verkhovna Rada’s Tax and Customs Policy Committee in Ukraine.

The roundtable discussed the potential of tax reform to help ameliorate (if not reverse) Ukraine’s precarious economic state. The consensus of the discussion was that the December 2015 tax reform would fall short; that further tax reform would be inescapable; and that it must be part of wider public policy reforms if real progress were to be achieved.

Fact-Finding Mission Conducted for Kazakh Officials


On 8-12 March, ITIC Kazakhstan organized a fact-finding mission for officials from the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Finance. The following Kazakh officials met with officials at the Federal Tax Service of Russia to exchange information and share experiences as Kazakhstan begins implementing best practices and following OECD norms:

  • Aisulu Burambayeva (Deputy Head of the Special Department)
  • Aliya Alenova (Senior Expert of the Special Department)
  • Agera Rakhmetova (Senior Expert of the Special Department)
  • Daniyar Khassenov (Expert of the Special Department).

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Tax Takeaways from the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting

Tax issues formed part of the discussion at the G20 Finance Ministers meeting in Shanghai on 26-27 February. As indicated in the final Communique, Paragraph 7 makes several points in support of broad, consistent and effective implementation of the BEPS project, including:

  • Commitment to a consistent global approach, and encouragement to non-G20 countries, especially developing countries, to join in the OECD designed framework (see below).
  • Awareness of the specific challenges faced by developing countries in BEPS implementation and support for building capacity for such countries.

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